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Our Story: Why Dr. Sophia chose to practice this way?


I have been blessed to have worked in many different settings throughout my 10 year career. I have been an associate at another practice, I have owned my own practice, I have practiced in another country, I have also worked for the nations largest retail chiropractic business. In all those scenarios patient quantity is key for success. When your focus is quantity, the quality of care inevitably takes a hit. You get less time with your clients, you cut corners so you can see more patients, you do therapies to increase the billable amount so that you can cover expenses. To be honest, the whole process is demotivating. It does not align with the way I want to practice nor with the way I know I need to be practicing to help people.

THAT is the reason behind starting Fort Bend Mobile Chiropractic! While having a mobile business presents its own challenges, it has several perks that are then passed on to the patient. Low overhead, no patients waiting in the lobby, no real need for a lobby, and no time pressures or constraints from insurance companies are just some of the reasons we chose to operate this way.

During a visit from me, Dr. Sophia, you have my undivided attention. Visits are typically a full 30 minutes. This allows enough time to assess, diagnose, and treat without feeling rushed. Any therapeutic modalities we do in that 30 minute visit are all included in the house call visit price. I feel that a house call practice allows me to be the best Chiropractor I can be. I can sleep well at night knowing that I did everything in my power to provide relief to a client.

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